2025 Expedition ‘Tsataan’

Tsataan, July 2025 –  (some places left)

Along the northern border of Mongolia with Siberia, lies the huge sweet water lake Hövsgöl. Around the lake we find large taiga forests, mountain steppe, and many rivers and marshes. It is also home to the Tsataan peoples, better known as the ‘reindeer people’, with their own language, religion and culture.

Highlights of the 2025 Expedition:
Organized by André van Eck, this expedition will be a fascinating exploration of an area extremely rich in biodiversity, both aquatic and on land. It encompasses Hövsgöl lake and its surrounding wetlands, mountain steppe, and vast Siberian taiga forests.
We travel in the month of July for three weeks. This is the species richest month in Mongolia.

How we travel:
Basically, we travel by two cars, maximum group size is 8 participants. We camp in the wild, so you are required to bring your own tent.

Participation fee:
Three weeks, all expenses covered within Mongolia: Euro 2.200,- (except your personal expenses). Flights are not included. For more details, or special requests, please contact me.

Express your interest:
If you’re enthusiastic about joining our expedition, please get in touch through our contact page.
We particularly encourage Mongolian entomologists to reach out and collaborate with us.

Support Our Expedition:
If you can’t participate but wish to support BioMongol Foundation, your donation (details on our contact page) would be highly appreciated. Your contribution will help us continue our vital work in studying and conserving Mongolia’s remarkable insect life.

Join us in this extraordinary journey to explore and conserve Mongolia’s flora and fauna.