Advancing Entomology in Mongolia

Welcome to the BioMongol Foundation
Biodiversity Monitoring Mongolia

Preserving Biodiversity in Mongolia Through Entomological Research.

Exploring and monitoring Mongolia’s insect world.

At the BioMongol Foundation, our primary mission is to study the entomological biodiversity in Mongolia. We are dedicated to supporting insect-collecting expeditions, promoting local entomology, and facilitating the publication of research findings from Mongolia’s diverse ecosystems.

Our core objectives:

Empowering Research Across Mongolia: The BioMongol Foundation is committed to sharing entomological research conducted throughout Mongolia. We serve as a vital platform for scientists, enthusiasts, and explorers keen to learn about Mongolian insects.

Preserving Mongolia’s Natural Treasures: We are committed to conserving Mongolia’s precious natural landscapes. By studying the habitats of insects, we contribute to the protection of Mongolia’s unique ecosystems.

Cultivating Collaboration with Mongolian Entomologists: The BioMongol Foundation actively fosters collaboration and provides crucial support to Mongolian entomology researchers. Our goal is to strengthen the local scientific community and facilitate knowledge exchange.

If you can’t participate but wish to support this foundation, your donation (details on our contact page) would be highly appreciated. Your contribution will help us continue our vital work in studying and conserving Mongolia’s remarkable insect life.

By BioMongol Foundation

BioMongol Foundation aims to:
- perform and publish entomological research carried out in Mongolia
- contribute to the protection of natural areas in Mongolia
- exchange with and support Mongolian entomological researchers

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